Is a 19 year old dating a 17 year old bad

I don't think it's fair since more and more high school students do not graduate before the age of 19 these days. Edited on November 1, at GirlwithQuestions Send a private message. In the US it is illegal. Blake Send a private message. Is it like a 20 year old dating a 17 year old? I think that is odd tbh. Doesn't seem weird or creepy to me. SarahK Send a private message. Ask a New Question expand. Basically his life was an open book to them that night. So they allowed us to date. Has never ever hit me or raised his voice at me.

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He was more then happy to take things slow. He followed my parents rules. He even told me that IF my grades dropped that he'd stop spending so much time with me. We got to see each other on Sunday and Monday. If my grades had dropped we'd stay at my house and I would have only seen him on Sunday. He has encouraged me to reach for dreams that I had once considered impossible. He helped me study for tests and quizzes. He encouraged me to go for my goal of graduating with honors and you know what. We've been together almost 2 years now.

Parents of daughters! 19 year old dating a 17 year old ?

We're engaged date set in Things that the parents should think about: Is he a nice guy? Things that the girl should think about: He's older, He won't be around your school to hang out with, Ppl will judge that you're younger, etc Things that the possible couple should know: The age of consent laws of your state. I'll provide the link below. I beg you to please look Am I saying they should go out? I'm not saying that at all.

I just want everyone to know that age is just a number. And that young relationships that have an age difference do work out. And honestly my relationship is more stable then any of my friends relationships who have dated guys only a year older, the same age, or younger then them. We've never broke up or even had a fight, yes we've had little disagreements but we get along so much better then my friends do. And if you are the parent. Judge by the individual.

I dont think so my parents are 18 years apart. I'm 19 and have 2 kids with a 24 year old we been together for 3 years and have been building together ever since. I don't see a problem with two people of those ages dating. I think it really depends on the people involved, as in any relationship. What the 19 year old did wasn't inappropriate at all, he just wanted to show he was interested.


For the best answers, search on this site https: I admire the fact that she is so open with you about her sex life. That shows she has a lot of trust in you. I say let them be.


I honestly think girls are more mature than boys at that age. Personally I think younger girls do well with older boys. Men take so long to mature.

  1. A 19 year old girl with a 17 year old guy?;
  2. Is it weird/creepy for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old?.
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  5. Their relationship is not illegal. My husband is about 5 years older than me and I have been with him since I was 15 I'm now So family, friends etc. As long as it is a loving, respectful relationship I see absolutely no harm. Good Luck to your daughter and may she live a happy life! It honestly depends on what kind of guy he is.

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    I mean, he's out of high school so is he working full time or going to collage? If he isn't doing either then he is most likely a looser that isn't worth your daughter's breath. On that note, if he is working full time or going to school I would not be concerned at all! Remember, girls mature faster than boys do.

    I personally was 17 when I met my husband who was 19 at the time! And look at us now, we're happily married! I dont, my parents are 4 years apart. That means that when he was a frosh in high school, she was a frosh in college.

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    I do not think that is an issue. I tried dating a 17 year old girl when I was 19 years old. It didn't really work out to be honest, the girl was immature for her age to be honest. I could tell as she ignored me most of the time and seemed to distance herself from me. She didn't want a relationship and just wanted to remain friends and nothing more. I would say date someone your own age, you will have more in common with.

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    A 17 year old probably doesn't know what he wants in life at the moment, he probably does have plans to graduate and go to college. Overtime he will get older and his mind will change. Probably lose feelings for you and end up breaking up with you. I've liked girls who were older than I am and they were even more immature than me.

    I am turning 19 this year and he just turned I don't listen to what people say about the age gap. As both of you grow older the relative difference will diminish.

    A 19 year old girl with a 17 year old guy? - GirlsAskGuys

    It's the relative difference it's all about, nout the absolute difference. For the non mathematicians, I simplify. A 19 year old girl with a 17 year old guy? Do you think this would be a weird age gap or not?

    Where I am, it's legal to have sex when you're 16 so that wouldn't be an issue but you are only classed as an adult when you're 18 so I'm old enough to go into clubs and bars and drink alcohol but he isn't.