Thanh bonsai dating coach

Or a kungfu master? Or a video gamer? We all know stereotyping is bad, but as humans we do it naturally.

Bonsai dating coach

I like reading books on how the brain works and if you give me an iPhone I can jailbreak it for you plus install the nerdy applications you will need. There are ways to show off your nerdy side that is still attractive, like through humor. She can discover it herself through the lines. Women are very good at reading through the lines and observing men.

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I definitely played up this stereotype a couple years ago. However, in the dating world luck favors the bold. Just being around them you will become more outspoken and through osmosis you will become more assertive. Taking up different classes and hobbies where you have to be more outspoken is another good step to take.

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Break out of your shell and surround yourself with social people. It will be inevitable you will become that social person that people want to surround themselves with. Let me get geeky for a bit on the brain. If you hold a certain belief or have a repeated thought, what your brain will do is scan for and look for evidence to back up the belief, so it gives you emotional stability.

Now think back to a time where you were ready to buy a car. You knew the model you wanted.

Thanh bonsai dating coach

Did you notice that as you were traveling around, the car model you wanted was more on the road? That same effect applies to the belief of thinking that Caucasian men are stealing our women away. If you really believe this, all you will do is register and count the times you do see this mixed couple.

There are too many women out there to be worrying about this issue.

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Start thinking in abundance. This is a pattern all successful people do, regardless of field they are in. A rich man believes there is enough money to go around. A player believes there too many beautiful women to be worrying about one. A successful stock trader knows there many opportunities to go around. Start working on your own dating life instead of focusing what others around you are doing. Unfortunately, most depictions of Asian males in the popular media is not really considered sexy. Good thing is that you can easily workaround this stereotype. In the looks department, it helps if you are in shape and dress well.

So start hitting the gym or doing a sport you like.

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In a way, you can make yourself set apart very easily by dressing well. A PUA excels — or more likely, claims to excel — in the art of picking up women. Dating coach who goes by the name Thanh Bonsai at the "Love Systems Super Conference", a pick-up artistry masterclass. His failure to successfully employ any of these techniques is documented in his page manifesto. Some on the site refer to themselves as "incel", or "involuntary celibate".

source site At its most basic, it seeks to reclaim the traditional territory of the "Alpha Male", one of sexual dominance, strength and privilege. Elliot Rodger subscribed to 'pick up artist' channels on YouTube.

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The language is more sophisticated than your typical YouTube comment, but the messages are essentially the same. Gender studies is brainwashing.

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Red pill-ers see themselves as defending an uncomfortable but natural reality, in contrast to blue pill-ers who extol generosity, kindness and equality. One Reddit poster said he was concerned about his blue pill son.