Is dating haram or makruh

And you should don't say that your are mature and you say what are you doing. It's just an innocent relationship.

Because no one can avoid the sedition without avoiding the way which leads to it. Because we have two main enemies our souls and the devil who always we push us to do evils. So pay attention brother.

So you should cut your relationship and stop talking with her expect the extreme cases. And if you lave her and really want to marry her then you should talk with her Wali like her father or her uncle about the marriage. This may be an excellent opportunity to marriage with the girl who you love. And the Prophet PBUH have advice the young to marriage because it resolve many young problem one of them is the sedition.

This is not permissible in any way, as any and all kinds and forms of relationships outside of marriage is against the Shariah and not of Islam. If you love this women you should marry her through the way described in Islam, if not then you should stay far away from her, and she should stay far away from you.

Here is some Arabic resources for more information: Such a relationship is impermissible and not allowed. The only relationship that a man and women outside his family can have, is the relationship of marriage as is prescribed and described in Islam. Since you're aware of the possibility of sin, there should be guidelines that you must keep in order for you to have a halal relationship.

First you cannot be alone with her in a secluded area where no one can see you.

I myself have never had a girlfriend as it is in wester culture, but recently I found out that my friend who is muslim does. At first I was shocked to learn that he did. Then he started saying that the only thing he ever found to be haram was having sex before you were married.

Who here can answer this though. Is dating haram or is sex haram?

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Which one is haram or both and why? He said that if he never has sex until hes married then he will never do anything haram, but I dont know. Regards God-Oriented God Oriented. Allah doesnt allow a guy and a girl whos not his mahram someone you can marry to be alone together let alone have sex. I know the ayah but I have forgotten the surah And there are much more.

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  • No intimate relationship before marriage -: Its purer that way Thats what I thought. Still though is the only thing haram is to have sex though?

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    Well i guess im off to tell my friend. Heheh thats the way Allah wants it My God, We have gone tooooooo far! Bcos it is not even allowed to have a second stare at the Non Mehram. Protection of eyes is the biggest challenge being faced today by us. Try observing it bcos Islam Nips the evil in the bud. And therefore, while adhering to such obligations we automatically reduce the possibility of dating and, Ahem, well, going farther astray.

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    Where ever i may roam, Where I lay my head is home W'Salaam Dear Creation32 thanx A Muslim man must have a Halal or a permission in order to be in a relationship with a woman. Asalaam alaikoom, If your friend is old enough to have a girlfriend, he is old enough to marry her.

    Marriage is real life, dating is just play. Several people's reciting the Qur'an al-karim loudly in the same place, 7.

    Hareems vs. dating?

    Spreading on the floor a prayer rug with a picture of a mosque on it, 8. In a mosque, talking loudly, making speeches, quarreling, or talking about mundane matters, 9. Shutting yourself away in a mosque or home and performing acts of worship all day by giving up all worldly pleasures, such as eating, drinking, and marrying, Performing salat wearing a garment on which there is a picture of a human or an animal, Starting to perform a sunnat salat excluding the sunnat salat of Salat al-Fajr when the jama'at is about to start a fard salat , When seeing a janaza corpse , standing up and waiting with your face toward it, A fasiq person's calling out adhan and leading jama'at in salat , Calling out adhan sitting, Using obscene language, Marrying a Christian or a Jewish woman, The khatib 's talking about worldly affairs between the khutba and the salat for example, his saying "Whoever finds my umbrella, let him bring it to me" , For a man performing salat with the top of his head bare by wrapping a hankie around his head, Reciting in the second rak'at the ayahs that come before the ones recited in the first rak'at or reciting in the second rak'at three ayahs more than the ones recited in the first rak'at these acts will not be makruh if done forgetfully , Reciting in the second rak'at the same ayahs recited in the first rak'at which is makruh tanzihi , The imam 's performing qira'at recitation and tasbihaat in salat more than what was prescribed by sunnat , Bowing for ruku' or rising from ruku' , or going down for sajda or rising from sajda before the imam does, Reciting Surat al-Fatiha behind the imam while he is reciting it,