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We will respond back in 48 hours. Leading Indian Matrimony Combination of the best Western hands-on matchmaking practices and Indian matchmaking traditions. Where did you hear about us? Our mission is to help Indians find the right match for themselves and their loved ones.

So why is our Indian matchmaking services so highly regarded? We believe in providing a very personal, hands-on matchmaking experience. We screen each prospect carefully to make sure that our clients are presented to accomplished, upstanding and desirable candidates. Majority of our clients are successful professionals: It also made me realize that I do have to start taking active steps to find the life partner I want.

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When I first started working with Jasbina I had practically no dating experience. I met Jasbina for a personal consultation. Intersections has changed my life.

I was introduced to Jasbina through a mutual acquaintance soon after Jasbina started Intersections Matchmaking. Class work may have taken a backseat, but the team says HBS has been critical to their business.

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They make use of the i-Lab every day, taking advantage of the writeable-wall workspaces, free legal counsel, venture capitalist feedback, and a snack supply that would make nutritionists cringe. By competition day, the site boasted more than 16, users and 33, unique visitors.

One year after forming their idea, the founders of easyBiodata had a promising business. Now, on the same stage where they first introduced easyBiodata, they had a chance to show the school that they deserved the grand prize. On competition day, April 29, the easyBiodata team emerges from Comnock Hall visibly relieved.


Smart matchmaking for top Indian professionals

But the relief is temporary. With only a half hour to go, they opt to take the audience through their business — from inspiration to idea to hopefully investment. By explaining arranged marriage through an HBS student, they hope to dispel the stigma around the tradition. The finale resembles a nerdy pep rally — Kanye West blares from the speakers, while a local dance troupe performs a frenzied routine in front of a movie screen.