Straight girl dating bisexual man

The meeting brought long-needed healing.

I needed to tell him I was sorry, he needed to tell me how much I had hurt him, and we both needed to hug. He was not a cheater. Bi people are not predisposed to infidelity.

I was the cheater. The reality was far from it: He was unbearably monogamous and loyal to a fault. But even if a bisexual person does cheat, it's hardly evidence that bisexuality inclines a person toward infidelity.

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At most, it's only evidence that the person cheated and is therefore not presently cut out for monogamous dating. Yes, he truly was attracted to both men and women. But I understand where this misconception comes from.

Many gay guys myself included claim to be bisexual as a sort of "baby step" out of the closet. But unfortunately for my ex as well as for all the other bisexual men and women out there, the straight and gay people who use a bisexual identity as a "halfway house" contribute to the widespread negative notion that anyone who identifies as bi is actually a flimsy, half-hearted gay man or lesbian. My ex watched lesbian porn one night and it made me really uncomfortable.

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The whole time I thought, Oh no. It was childish, but the feeling is understandable: He was clearly attracted to something I would never be able to offer him, and I feared that unmet desire would cause him to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

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Although differences can be deal-breakers, a difference in sexual orientation doesn't need to be. I've heard many, many people — gay and straight alike — say they wouldn't date a bisexual person.

Although I understand some differences to be deal-breakers vastly oppositional religious beliefs or political leanings come to mind , I can't understand why the difference between gay or straight and bisexal is such a no-go for so many. From a practical standpoint, it's unrealistic: A Reddit thread from a couple years ago featured women frankly discussing this topic.

While some were more open-minded than those polled in the Glamour survey, others said they were simply turned off by the idea of dating a bisexual or sexually fluid man. Is it possible to change this? But for now, uh, sorry, straight guys! Looks like you'll just have to keep getting your bro-jobs on the down low.


5 Things I Learned From Dating a Bi Guy

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